Odessa – the most beautiful city in Southern Ukraine, the Pearl of the Black Sea, and a very popular resort with a multi-ethnic population which has moved there with a dream of a new happy life  from all over the world since the city’s founding as a Free Port.  Besides their own culture and traditions, immigrants brought along their favorite national dishes of their cuisine which mixed with local Ukrainian cuisine resulting in s new Odessan way of cooking being born.

     Odessa Cuisine -  a very tasty Borsch-soup, the Legendary Forshmak, and, of course you can not resist the chance to taste the Odessa Special – sprats fritters, the magnificent vareniks, stuffed with cherries! Besides, what is good food without an equally good drink?  We offer you a foggy decanter of homemade horseradish vodka or a glass of Odessan wine!

     But  as the say – better to come to ODESSA restaurant in Tallinn and to taste, rather than to hear the stories.

     You will love our food, our place, and our hospitality!

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Pikk 30, Tallinn

Daily 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

(kitchen open until 10:00 pm) 


Pikk 30, Tallinn 10133, Estonia

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tel: +37253025557

ODESSA Restaurant

Pikk 30, Tallinn 10133, Estonia

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